About Us

The idea of Badly Bent Records was germinated sometime around 2009, when I (I being Stevie Z) decided that just being obsessed with good music wasn’t enough. Over the past 20 some odd years I’ve seen brilliant singer-songwriters and performers who had been attending their craft for years, still playing in small venues, often to crowds who didn’t give a rats buttocks.

Critical mass was reached in April of 2010, when I finally decided to get off my butt, and put my knowledge where my mouth was.....or something like that. After embarking on a crash-course in marketing using every available resource: books, podcasts, blogs, videos, and talking to people who knew much more then myself, I finally came to the conclusion that the time was right.....but I still needed that one final element.

The final element came, unfortunately, in the passing of my father Bill in August, 2010. My father was a very gifted creative man, who spent many many years perfecting ideas and projects, but yet never pulling the trigger to truly make it happen. I realized that I didn’t want to be staring at myself in the mirror at age 65 and saying “damn, I wish I’d started that record label after all”. And so, on Sept. 1, 2010, at 12:10 PM, Badly Bent Records was born. Breech, of course....nothing worth anything is easy....

Along with it’s own recording facility, Blue Feather Studios, and publishing arm, Badly Bent Records aims at complete “musical midwifery” for an artist, working in conjunction with preferred photographers, videographers and other specialists, to help an artist get their songs out to the world. Badly Bent will also provide coaching on stage craft, an often overlooked component of a musician’s career. 

Badly Bent Records will also be working with professional musicians to help others develop their ‘musical chops’ by offering lessons and workshops, and helping to network musicians with other musicians, because as Big Label Money (and control!) slowly die off, the only way people are going to make it is by helping each other.

The Badly Bent Records family will be focusing primarily on digital distribution initially, as it usually provides a better return to the musicians right out of the gate, enabling them to better focus on their craft, and hopefully enable them to be financially independent enough to concentrate on what matters - the songs and the music.  It also enables them an immediate entry into something that only years ago was a Golden Dream:  World Wide Distribution of their art.

“The greatest song in the world, if no one hears it, is wasted.”

"What kind of record label is this?'

This is a record label founded by someone who has an immeasurable passion for good music and good songs, and wants to help artists promote themselves.

It is a record label founded by someone who has a full time job and a budget of slightly more then zero dollars.  It is not a record company founded by someone who thinks that just by spending money you always get results, because that is the way the music industry used to work.

It is a record label that started on a shoestring, and a slightly frayed one at that, but is run by someone who is willing to pour every single dime they make back into it to make it grow.

It is a record label founded by someone who believes that in the new music industry, which is still evolving on a daily basis, it is far more critical for all involved to work hard and work smart rather then just give money to other people and hope for the best.  This is especially true when it is the artist's money, and livelihood, being spent.

It is a record label that isn't run by someone trying to get rich, but by someone who wants to make enough money to keep on helping artists.

It is a record label founded by someone who also believes that chemistry, ingenuity, and passion trump money, gear, and blindly following the steps of people who insist on doing things they way they used to be done.

It is a record label searching out artists with the vision and foresight to work with the new industry model and work with them as partners, not as babysitters or gate keepers.

It is a record label that is willing to offer the artists a much larger share of all monies coming in, because this record label believes that the artists deserve it.

It is a record label founded by me.  It is a record label run by me.  My way.  And I don't answer to shareholders or investors, CEOs and board members, overseas officers or any other parties interested only in the bottom line.  I answer only to myself and the artists.

"What Kind of Record Label is this Not?"
It is not a label that throws money around because it can, and then recoup it out of the artist's pockets.

It is not a label that ties artists to exclusive contracts that handcuff them from doing whatever they want.

It is not a label that tells an artist what to wear, what to say, where to go, how to act, and if they can go to the bathroom.

It is not a label that is owned by someone trying to get rich off the backs of the artists.

It is not a label that is more concerned about appearances then substance.

It is not a label that thinks the larger the artists roster the better.