Mission Statement (Who are you, a musician or a corporate suit?!)

At first blush, it may seem odd to come up with a Mission Statement for a music album.  But then I read that producer Rick Rubin wrote one for the latest Black Sabbath album, and he said that it helped tremendously - both with efficiency and focus.  

He said that any ideas that anyone came up with were held up against that Mission Statement, and if they fit, they were considered.  If they didn't fit, they were discarded immediately.  

I dunno, if it's a good enough idea for the greatest and most versatile music producer in history, I guess it's good enough for me!

The songs on this album span, quite literally, most of my life.  There are remnants of songs on here that I wrote when I was in high school and started playing guitar and writing.  There are things on here that are drawn from almost every stage of my life, and the DNA of pretty much all of the people who have influenced me is also woven into the fabric of the songs and music within.  Maybe that's one reason I'm taking such care and treading so carefully.  

I don't take lightly the task I've given myself here.

With that in mind, here is the Mission Statement I've crafted for this album, and everything I do will be measured against it:

"To pay homage to all of the people who have affected me in my life in one way or another.  Friends, lovers, family, mentors, influencers.  And to make music that is true to myself, my art, and my beliefs, and also to honour the songs themselves.  To make an album that is cohesive, enjoyable, and relatable."

Every note, every word, every production and writing decision will be held up against that.  If it doesn't match, it doesn't go on the album.

This should be interesting......