Sneak Peak - Suck It Up, Princess 

     Since I'm doing most of the tracks myself and only bringing in a few, select special guests I'm not recording the album in the way that 'normal' people do.  I'm not tracking all of the drums for the album, then ALL of the bass parts, etc.  I'm doing it in more of a 'song by song' process.  And, I'm very pleased to announce, that the first track is about 90% recorded!    

     I'm including a special little 'behind the scenes' glimpse here for you guys only!  One of the special guests I've got on my album is Shawn "Cowbell" Bradshaw.  Here is the rough mix of the discussion and lead in to the song "Suck It Up Princess" as well as the first few bars (Unmixed - rough). 

    Hope you enjoy!

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