Track Listing (So far, I mean I'm also currently writing some new stuff)

Okay, so I have list of songs that I'm intending to put on the album.  Nothing is set in stone, however, as some of them might not turn out to be 'right' for this particular album, some of them might not quite flesh out in ways that fit, and since I'm also currently writing some new stuff, there is a chance that one or two might get bumped in favour of a newer track.  

Oh, and there is a possibility that the name of a song or two might change....

If I do change any of the track info, I'll put that in a new post so that those keeping track at home can also watch the evolution of the album.

So, as of January 15, 2016, at 7:00 PM, here is the "Officially Unofficial" track listing:
Suck it Up, Princess
Sittin' In Savannah
The West Hotel
Barrista! Barrista!
Passion, Love and Kisses
Watching The Graffiti
You Can't Go Home Again
These Are My Words (They Are Not Me)
If I Won The Lottery
Don't Ever Let Your Girlfriend
The Good Fight

Plus also (most likely) a bonus, hidden track!