Maybe Tempting the Fate Gods Wasn't Such a Hot Idea....

So, I had decided to call my album "Difficult Berth" thinking I was being oh-so-witty and clever.  

Apparently that made The Universe notice and say "Oh yeah?  I'll show you a difficult berth!"

And here we are, several years later with still no finished album in site.  This hasn't been so much a 'difficult berth' as much as it's been a 'boat blowing into the dock at full speed" or 'breeched C-section'.  Depends on which side of the double meaning you want to come down on I guess.

The biggest obstacles to making art is, and always will be: Me.  And Life.  But mostly me, to be honest.

Don't give up on my yet, however - I'm still plugging away at this asbestos I can.

Stay tuned and stay listening...

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