Are YOU an Artist?

Are you an independent artist that thinks they might be interested in joining the Badly Bent Records family?

There is nothing more exciting to us here then discovering amazing music we didn't know existed.  Except maybe for discovering amazing musicians and songwriters we didn't know existed.  And a great doughnut.  Those are pretty durn cool too.

What's your genre?  We don't care.  One of the thing that sets us apart is that we love great music.  The genre never matters.  Our iPods have just about every genre and sub-genre of music possible on them at any given time.  Except opera.  We must confess that we've never had much of an appreciation for opera.  Classical music, yes - opera.....not so much.

A great song is a great song.  Period.

Genre Fusions also have a special place in our heart - folk/punk, country/reggae, you name it.  Anything that is A) a great song, and B) is different from the wriggling masses of medocrity.

Don't have an entire album's worth of material right now?  Cool.  We can work with you.  Thanks to the 'new music business landscape' even if you've got one really amazing song that you think the world should hear....well....the world can hear it.  Single, EPs (3-6 songs) or full albums, we can work with you.

If you've had to struggle with who you 'sound like' then that probably means you're original enough that we want to hear you.

Help us stem the tide of cookie-cutter music vomited out of the mouth of dinosaur record labels who are only interested in getting the dollars from a lobotomized mass of music 'consumers' who only like and buy what they're told to so that their money can continue to feed the bloated corporations that answer to greedy stockholders and clueless board members that only exist to.....oops.   Sorry - too much sugar.

To put it another way:

Do you have good songs?

Are we on the same page philosophically ?

Contact us.

Thank you.