A small, independent Music Production and Recording Studio that focuses on the Artist and The Song.  Home of Badly Bent and Splendid Songstress Records.  We are available for multi track digital recording (final tracking and demos) as well as mixing and mastering.  In house production and recordist services also available.  Our approach is to find the most interesting, creative ways to bring art into existence, and to make the creation as an amazing, memorable experience as possible. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us for any further inquiries.
***Special singer/songwriter packages available***

Artists who have released material tracked, mixed and mastered at Blue Feather Studios includes Saint Vybz, Jazzmyn Bradshaw, Dennis Napper, Stevie Z, and The Muleholes.

Blue Feather Studios is a small home-based studio in Kitchener, Ontario, operated and run by Stevie Z.  

The studio is a musical instrument, and should be treated as such.