Still Chuggin' Like A Steam Engine!

Wow!  As I whined about previously, 2016 has been an interesting and challenging year.  While of course things could have been worse, they also could have been better. As the last quarter of 2016 draws nigh and I check the…Read more

My Favourite Album of 2015 !

When it came time to really think about which album that I loved the most from 2015 there were quite a few to chose from.  There are many, MANY songs I discovered during the course of the year, some from…

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2016, A Badly Bent Year......

It's almost over.  And it's been a rocky one!

First of all, I realize that in the Grand Scheme of things that people have had to endure planet-wide, I've really got nothing to complain about.  Nobody dropped bombs on my…Read more