Still Chuggin' Like A Steam Engine!

Wow!  As I whined about previously, 2016 has been an interesting and challenging year.  While of course things could have been worse, they also could have been better. As the last quarter of 2016 draws nigh and I check the progress on my album I am.....disappointed.

Interestingly, I've fully completed 3 songs - and all of those were because of fairly strict deadlines.  If I were a smarter person, I'd see some sort of a pattern there.......

I will admit, a few setbacks that I've had to deal with were because I was working with people who kind of, well, let me down, I guess, after I had put in much blood sweat and tears into their work.  I'm sure they had their reasons, and I'm sure they're good reasons, but still, it really took the wind out of my sails creatively.  

I know, I know - Suck it up, Princess :)  (Coincidentally, that is the name of the next song that will be completed for the album!  I plan to have at least 2 completely finished, and be well on my way to finishing another by the end of 2016.)  And for every person I've worked with that deflated me, I've been working with many more who have me inspired!  And of course, the ongoing inspiration/support I get from the long-suffering Loverly Michelle keeps me working away.  Luv ya honey!

So, once that happens, that will mean a whopping SIX songs finished by the end of the year!  That's enough for an EP!  So...keep your eyes peeled (can you even peel an EYE?!?) for that.  Sign up for my email updates and I'll keep you in the loop!

The Score:

Finished So Far:
Song For Mom
The West Hotel

Working On:
Suck It Up, Princess
Passion, Love and Kisses
Sittin' In Savannah