Paul McCallum: The Warm Spot

Badly Bent Records is euphoric to announce Paul McCallum's new single "The Warm Spot"!  It is the hilarious epic telling of the tale of a man who made it his life's goal to determine once and for all whether or not urine-detecting pool dye actually exists.....

Pick up the new single today at CD Baby, iTunes, or where ever you download or listen to mp3s!

Also, check out Paul's website for more information on his music and comedy.

About Paul McCallum:
Stand Up Comedian Paul McCallum also enjoys pouring his talents into music, often performing a song or two during his stage act. And just like his stage act, the results are always hilarious. His music ranges from hard rock to soft ballads.  (Strictly between you and me, I think Paul wishes he were a bona fide rock star)